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Dear Summer - A Gratitude List



  1. Scarlett strawberries plump and sweet on my tongue

  2. Lucious tomatoes for drizzling with oil and a pinch of salt

  3. Swinging in a hammock making my own breeze

  4. Reading and dozing under the cool of a tree

  5. Thunderstorms bursting with fireworks

  6. Rainbow bridges arching through the heavens

  7. Firefly Fairy lights illuminating a path around me

  8. Buzzy honeybees robed in golden pollen

  9. Jasmine blooming at midnight outside my window

  10. Camping under the canopy of summer’s night sky

  11. The woods painted in every shade of green

  12. Confetti butterflies celebrating the days

  13. Flowers blooming around my footsteps

  14. Farmer’s markets filled with Earth’s bounty

  15. A lazy afternoon drifting along in a canoe

  16. Songbirds greeting me each morning

  17. Lavender twilight over an emerald field

  18. Sun kissed highlights in my hair

  19. Hot toes digging into wet sand

  20. Drive in nights with popcorn for dinner

  21. Pop up garage sales and flea markets

  22. The endless view from a Ferris Wheel

  23. Lemonade stands around the neighborhood

  24. Getting doused by a surprise sun shower

  25. Morning walks before the heat of the day

  26. Serving up hummingbird nectar

  27. Beach picnics under a big umbrella

  28. Cotton dresses and straw hats

  29. Diving under a cold wave on your hottest day

  30. Blessed long yellow days of shimmering light

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