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Featured on The Dirigible Balloon
TENsion- Tug of War Heels dig in, teeth are bared, toes to temples taut Dominate the middl
My Noo YAWK!
The Blobfish I know the blobfish is hard to love – a water- logged sack, a rubber glove- b
Thank You-2.png
Summer’s List by Moe Phillips Waving daisies Golden breeze Birds dancing in the trees Berr
Catching The Moon I’m hatching a plan to capture the Moon. I have to be patient! I can’t d
McGill The Lobster I had a pet lobster his name was McGill. He lived in a tank, on my room
Cheesy Moon Is the Moon really made out of cheese Would it be squishy if you gave it a squ
Jack O Lantern I have a knife slash for my grin. Don’t ask what happened to my chin. My ey
Can I please have a calendar The kind you hang on the wall. It’s the only way I’ll ever kn
Fairy Hats Lest you be mistaken for a cat By all means, wear a hat! Try a sunbeam topper i
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