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75 Simple Ways To Elevate Your Day

  1. Eat the last tiny strawberries of the season

  2. Pay heed to flowering window boxes

  3. Rescue a beautiful antique mirror at a flea market

  4. Take a ferry ride to anywhere

  5. Boldly claim an unclaimed cupcake

  6. Play with a hot glue gun (careful!)

  7.  Splurge on hand made paper

  8.  Drop off a bag of clothes to the donation center

  9.  Sleep naked

  10. Watch it snow from under the covers

  11. The next time you sing Happy Birthday- belt it out

  12. Use an old basket to shop at the Farmer’s Market

  13. Drink tea from the antique cup you’re afraid to use

  14. Put nuts and seeds out for birds in bad weather

  15. Organize old photographs and write who’s who on the backs

  16. Season your favorite pan

  17. Be the first one at work and have a quiet cup of coffee

  18. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables you think you don’t like

  19. Practice making fluffy pancakes

  20. Bring a bag to the beach to pick up trash

  21. Better yet-organize a trash pick up at the beach

  22. Go the beach just to watch seagulls

  23. Eat raspberries in front of a winter fire

  24. Make a talisman out of something you own. Carry it with you.

  25. Ask a neighbor if they need anything from the market

  26. Instead of a present for a child, create an experience

  27. Find a painting that touches you and read about the artist

  28. Try a new fresh herb or two

  29. Frame that photo you love

  30. Buy a pen you think is pretty

  31. Spend some time at the library

  32. Organize your books alphabetically

  33. Sit in front of a window and write down what you see

  34. Wear a piece of jewelry you have not worn in years

  35. Pick a random topic and read about it for 15 minutes

  36. Write a poem about your favorite flower

  37. Give seeds as gifts

  38. Write a letter to yourself to read when you are 100

  39. Dress up and eat dinner in a restaurant alone

  40. Sing a song into your phone and no judging

  41. Donate clean old towels and bedding to an animal rescue

  42. Go online and learn some new dance moves

  43. Invite friends for dinner and make it a picnic- especially in winter

  44. Sew vintage buttons onto a white blouse

  45. Buy or pick single flowers and line them up in bud vase jars

  46. Polish your seashells and display them

  47. Move some of your wall art around so you really appreciate it

  48. Get your shoes shined by a pro

  49. Over tip at a restaurant and write a thank you note on the check

  50. Write a gratitude list

  51. Learn one good joke and practice it

  52. Go to a department store and try on an evening gown- or two

  53. Use a wine glass for your morning juice

  54. Put a $5.00 bill in a book and forget about it

  55. Practice your penmanship

  56. Spend some time perusing a world map

  57. Make a date with the full moon

  58. Read a poem aloud to your pet in a fake accent

  59. Make a dessert from scratch

  60. Eat breakfast in bed- alone

  61. Go for a photo shoot in your neighborhood with your phone

  62. Call a friend and give them a good listen

  63. Learn to make one origami animal really well

  64. Spend two hours in a used book store

  65. Make a lemon, salt and oil scrub for your elbows and toes

  66. Spend an afternoon mixing and matching your clothes and take photos

  67. Drop off your shampoo and cosmetic samples at a local shelter

  68. Start a diary with “Dear Diary”

  69. Watch a video on flower arranging-now try it

  70. Go to an author’s reading at a bookstore or library

  71. Volunteer to record out of print books on line

  72. Change your light bulbs to energy savers

  73. Start wearing hats for fun

  74. Put an old brooch on your coat

  75. Offer to walk a friend’s dog

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