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Forty Possible To Dos and Why Nots?


  1. Pick a famous classic to read. See for yourself what all the hubbub is about.

  2. Watch instructional videos on unique ways to wrap gifts.

  3. Practice your penmanship.

  4. Honor your journal with a collage cover. Remember it’s sacred.

  5. Embrace a constellation and learn about it.

  6. Sew something. Even a button.

  7. Switch your dresser drawers around and paper them.

  8. Write a thank you note to your Angel, Fairy Godmother, Spirit Animal.

  9. Truly master a soup recipe-then embellish.

  10. Dry your own fruit. Share it with birds

  11. Ask yourself: What really is your favorite color?

  12. Look up the lyrics to a song you know you sing wrong.

  13. Leave a nice review.

  14. Wear something velvet.

  15. Donate those items you keep meaning to giveaway.

  16. Visit nature in another continent via live video streams.

  17. Volunteer to read a public domain audio book.

  18. Learn a poem by heart.

  19. Spruce up your shoes and handbags

  20. Do you need a new pillow? Get one.

  21. Change where you part your hair.

  22. Ask a child you know to tell you a joke.

  23. Look for book drives at your local schools.

  24. Take a virtual museum visit in another country.

  25. Check out a vintage shop and buy one outrageous thing.

  26. Pick a small object and make it your totem.

  27. Try using more lemon and less salt.

  28. Don’t be too shy to ask for samples.

  29. Stretch. Don’t forget your toes.

  30. Write a fan letter to yourself.

  31. Learn about something you are afraid of.

  32. Embrace hydration.

  33. Start a change jar to open on your birthday.

  34. Learn your local recycle regulations.

  35. Try on lots of hats.

  36. Gift yourself a personalized stamp.                                             

  37. Write a 100 word bio. Shout your praises.

  38. Sing in the shower. You’ll be amazed.

  39. Join or start a book club.

  40. Always wave hello to a passing dog.

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